Zion Subway Hike

June 7th 2009

Mark, Debbie, Jorge, Branch, Kathy and I hiked Zion Subway. Mark got 6 permit and gave us an offer to come.
Mark did this hike twice last year but it was a new hike for another 5 of us. So we were very excited.
Branch and Kathy rent a wet suits but another hikers didn't. I wanted to try Canyoneer boots, so I rent it at Zion Adventure Company. It costs only $19.00 plus Tax.($20.43)
Our plan was start hiking right before 9:30AM. Because Many hikers will come at 9:30AM by Shuttle service.
We drove 3 cars and left 1 car at pick up point(Left Fork trail head). Then carpool to the Trail head(Wildcat trail head).
We have started hiking little after 8:30AM. There was 1 car already parked at trail head, but we didn't see anybody on the trail.
The scenary was beautiful and hikers were fun to hike with. We joked and laughed a lot.
When we got the swim section, Branch and Kathy got wet suits. We packed everything in the dry bag. and put in the back pack. Since dry bag had lots of air in it, back pack float on the water. Mark and Jorge's Leki trekking pole had cork handle and it florts. My Black Diamond trekking pole was very light and it never sank at all.
The Water temperature was very cold. I got nylon clothing and it drains water quickly, but even though it sucks my body temperature when it getting dry. Thats makes me very cold until clothing dry out completely. I should bring dry clothing.
There were several rope section. Branch and Mark dropped rope for 3 times. The last drop was longest and it needs about 50-60ft rope.
After we passed main Subway section, we hiked down along the creek. We saw big boulder and there were lots of petrified Dinasour foot print on it. It was very interesting.
The last section of the hike was steep ascent from creek to the top of mesa. It gains only 300ft but I wouldn't enjoy it in high temperature. Fortunately it was not.

Entire 3D trail map

top of mesa

canyon part

last scramble section

Elevation Chart

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