Pine Creek Canyon

July 26th 2009

On the second day of the Zion Canyoneering trip, we went to Pine Creek Canyon.
This Canyon is located near the Canyon Overlook trail. I have never imagined that anyone can hike in that deep canyon while I was hiking Canyon Overlook trail.

The weather was pervect. It was clear and looked no chance of rain. Our exchange plan really worked.
When we got to the trail head, we found one Subaru with 'HEY VEGAS. WE BEAT YOU!!! THE FOUR GIRLS. HAHAHA!!!' on the back window. That's the girls we met at Keyhole Canyon and top of Angeles Landing yesterday.
When we are doing first rappeling, we found they are right ahead of us. But, since we had more members, we had never catch them until last rappeling. They were nice to let us use their rope at the last 100 ft rappel.

While everyone took the canyon route to the pick up point, I found the hillside trail thats took me to the car very easy and fast. After I changed my water shoes to hiking boots, I dropped down to canyon to pick another hikers up. Because it seems bit hard to find the turning point.

Entire 3D trail map

Entering Canyon

100 ft rappel

Hillside trail

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