Pyramid Peak

October 31st 2009

Bob Spirko sent me an email. He and Dinah are visiting Las Vegas again. We hiked together to the La Madre Peak on April
Fortunately, I didn't have any plan on this weekend, so we had decided to hike together. We both never hiked Pyramid Peak and it seems good hike for us.
I met him 6AM and carpool to the trail head. Its about one hour drive.
There is no marked trail head on this hike. Actually, there is no trail on this one. We parked by the road and started hiking.
First 1.5 mile is just crossing desert to get mountain. Usually, its not a fun part, but we chat, taking a photo and movies. Thats a great start of weekend.
The hike goes long, steep hill. Since not many hikers take this route, I couldn't find any footprint. So, we followed Branch Whitney's information. It really helped us and we won't make it without it.
We stopped many times and took 4.5 hours to the peak.
We could see Telescope Peak, Mt.Whitney, Charleston Peak etc...
On the way down, we ran/slide down the scree slope. It was one of the longest scree slope I slided down.
It took us 2.5 hours back to the car.

Entire 3D trail map

Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain

Ridge leads to Peak

Elevation Chart

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