Hiking Log & Album

2010 May - August

2010 August
August 28th 2010 McFarland Peak      Hiking Meetup
August 23rd 2010 Charleston Peak via Big Fall      Private (+4)
August 21st 2010 McFarland Peak      Private (+1)
2010 July
July 25th 2010 Zion Subway      Hiking Meetup
July 24th 2010 Observation Point & Hidden Canyon      Backpacking Meetup
July 10-20th 2010 Yosemite Backpacking      Private (+2)
July 5th 2010 Fletcher Canyon Top Down      Hiking Meetup
July 4th 2010 4 Peaks in 1 Day Hike      Hiking Meetup
July 3rd 2010 3 Peaks in 1 Day Hike      Hiking Meetup
2010 June
June 30th
- July 2nd 2010
Zion Narrows Top Down Backpacking      Hiking Meetup
June 26th-27th 2010 Fletcher Ridge Backpacking      Hiking Meetup
June 20th 2010   Zion Subway      Rock Climbing Meetup
June 19th 2010 Birch Hollow Canyoneering      Rock Climbing Meetup
June 15th-17th 2010     Hidden Forest Cabin Restoration Service      Private (+1)
June 11th-14th 2010 Havasupai Camping Trip      Hiking Meetup
June 7th 2010 Hidden Canyon      Hiking Meetup
June 6th 2010 Angeles Landing      Hiking Meetup
2010 May
May 28th-31st 2010 Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip      Backpacking Meetup
May 22nd 2010 Mt.San Jacinto - Cuctus to Cloud      Hiking Meetup
May 15-16th 2010 Wilderness First Aid Class      Hiking Meetup
May 14th 2010 White Rock Loop      Hiking Meetup
May 13rd 2010 Sandstone Sunset Scramble      Hiking Meetup
May 12th 2010 Gray Cap and Brownstone Wash      Hiking Meetup
May 11th 2010 The Park in the Red Rock      Hiking Meetup
May 7th 2010 Bridge Point Slot to Holiday Peak      Private (+3)
May 6th 2010 Foundation Peak      Hiking Meetup
May 5th 2010 Dead horse Pt., Mt.Wilson South Summit and Peak      Private (+4)
May 4th 2010     Lee Peak and Mummy Mtn. Peak      Private